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About Children Protection Center In Iraq

Children Protection Center in Iraq is an organization for supporting and protecting individual’s and children’s basic humanity rights. This organization was established by some children right observers and children right seekers. CPCI announced its establishment on 5th March, 1999 in the Education Hall (Holy Roshnbiry) in Sulaimani. In this event, a number of representatives of relevant wings and Medias presented. Children Protection Center In Iraq squabbles for children right, tries to achieve a better live for children in Kurdistan. The situation that children live in any community is the one of the best sign for scaling those communities regarding their development. Also behaving with children is another unit to scale any community’s growth and development. Children are in the first line to be considered of in every aspects of life.
Children first is an international campaign for children’s rights. This campaign was active in several countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Germany, Canada, Sweden, England, Finland … etc.
Children protection Center In Iraq has a publication in Kurdistan by the name Children World which 20 issues has been published so far.
On 15th Nov.2002, CPCI moved its main office to Sweden and maintained its hard work to serve children in whole Iraq. Currently, CPCI has two offices in Iraq. One of them is in Baghdad and the other one is in Sulaimani however it has many cooperators and reporters in many Iraqi cities.

For contacting CPCI:
– Sherzad Fateh ……………………….. 0046735715449
– Sherzad_f@yahoo.com
– cfbrii@sprav.se
– You can send you help to this post address : 390804-3 CFBRK Sherzad Fatih