In the Commemoration of student and journalist Sardasht Osman

On 4th April, 2010 and in front of Language College of Salahadin University, the student and journalist of “Ashtinama Newspaper” Sardasht Osman was forced to get in into a car to anonymous place. This was happened in front of the police and security forces of Kurdistan Regional Government. After two days and on 6th April, his body was found in Mosl.
Exceeding the edge of university, slapping and forcing him into a car in a public place and in front of police is not an easy thing to be done and is doubtful. It is not easy to be done if somehow this operation had not been facilitated by somebody from government and essential parties. In addition, kidnapping him to Mosl through several checkpoints of KRG is another reason to make doubts in everyone’s mind because it is a very hard thing to do so for other people. So, doubtlessly, we put KRG into behind of this assassination of this youth. We also put responsibility on the solder of KRG to find the terrorists.
Today, under the power of KRG and not existing a law for the journalist to express their ideas and criticize is a big obstacle in front of the journalists. We as CPCI, are firmly condemning this hazardous disaster which has been done against the student, youth, and journalist Sardasht Osman. We also support those who speak up against this assassination. In the same time, we also feel our sadness to Sardasht’s family and friends especially his two brothers namely Aram Ali and Bashdar Ali.
Insult and affront for terrorists and their cooperators.
The commemoration of Journalist and student Sardasht Osman be praised.

Children Protection Center In Iraq
7 May, 2010

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