More than 12,000 children workers exist in Kurdistan

According to an announcement from social affairs ministry of (Kurdistan Regional Government) KRG, there are 12,748 children workers in Kurdistan.
Today in a big seminar in the hall of social affairs ministry, a number of managers from Health ministry, and social affairs ministry participated. In this seminar, the result of a survey was presented in the cities of Sulaimani, Kirkuk and Erbil.
The results were:
· 12487 children are working in Sulaimani, Kirkuk, Erbil.
· 8406 of them from Erbil which composed % 67.3 of total.
· 2715 of them from Sulaimani which composed % 21.7 of total.
1358 of them from Duhok which composed % 10.8 of total.

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