PUK Invaded and predated the Protection Center for defends of Children’s Rights

12th Anniversary of Invading the Protection Center for defends of Children’s Rights’ Kurdistan office by PUK.

Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, which has always claimed to sustain democratic principles and develop the human rights, invaded the Protection Center for defends of Children’s Rights’ Kurdistan office on July 15th, 2000 so brutally.

The PUK soldiers and Asayesh forces kicked all the children out of the office and stole all the substances of the building. Those innocent children emphasized the fact that they have been severely hurt by the PUK forces in 2000. PUK always claims to be a democratic party, in which they protect the rights of children, but they violated and disrespected all the children rights. Their corrupted government was not able to help the children, nor did they allow us to use our ways to illustrate the rights of Kurdish children as a non-governmental organization.
The Center of Protecting the Child Rights of Kurdistan was found on March 5, 1999 to protect the child rights in Kurdistan, and it was found by some left socialactivists in which more than 150 people were at the meeting in Culture Hall inSulaimani.

To know more about all the different works and activities which the Center has done for the Kurdish children, I want the people to visit our website in which we have accomplished in one year of our organizational life before the PUK attack. Supporting children, protecting their rights were our premier goals of the center. But the PUK forces have ruined all the work after attacking the Communist Party of Iraq and some other left organizations. PUK first thought that they can hide all these dictatorship, but after some years of the attack, now we are revealing the facts about their attacks.

After ten years of the scandal, PUK accused Nawshirwan Mustafa for the attack, but they have never apologized for such a sever attack formally, and they even do not want to talk about it in their medias. There have been a lot of brutal attacks in history. Some of them were done by those who do not claim to be democratic as PUK, and that makes the scandal more important to think about. Now PUK does not want to ask for apology for such a crime. I want to mention to different examples. In Australia, in 1800 when a white racist president ruled, the country violated the rights of the black people in the country. In 2009, the Kevin cabinet has apologized for such a crime after 209 years. In 1915 to 1930 in Sweden, there were violations against the poor children who lived in the old buildings. After 90 years, the Swedish government formally asked apology to the people for such a crime. PUK also has to do the same.

Sherzad Fatih
The General Supervisor of the Protection Center for defends of Children’s Rights’

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