The death of Dana Jamal, government and its observance towards schools and students

On Saturday 13th Oct,2012,  a tragedy event shocked us. A wall at Allan Preparatory School in New Hallabja felled down onto a student who was Dana Jamal. Ignorance of the Sharazwr Education Department administration staff cut Dana from his hope and ambitions.

Frequently, the different kinds of natural disasters in the different places of the world, like flood and earth quack, cause death of many human beings and among of them, some are students.  Fortunately, Kurdistan is away from these kinds of disasters. Unfortunately, under the rule of a corrupted KRG government and specifically ignorance of the administration of education department, our youths are being victims.

A quick skim over the schools in Kurdistan, will tell us that there is not any safety and health insurance in the schools. This is reality not only for the villages and small towns but also it is true for big cities. Students are still challenging their harsh study situation.  Hawler Private School is one of those examples, which is a big shame for such a ruling power in Kurdistan, cannot supply the basic necessities for children and take a responsibility towards their life.

We as “The Protection Center for Defends of Children’s Right in Iraq” despite showing our sadness and worries for the Dana’s family, friends and classmates, are going to count the Sharazwr Educational Department as the major responsible side of the death of Dana Jamal. Then we are the big and consistent supporters of Allan Preparatory students’ demands.

Sherzad Fateh

The Protection Center for Defends of Children’s Right in Iraq

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