PUK & PDK kill children in Kurdistan

A letter from CPCI to Amnesty International

Through this letter, we want to inform you all about those misbehaving that will happen against youths and children in Kurdistan under the reign of PDK which lead by Massuad Barzani and PUK which leads by Jalal Talabani. On 27 Feb, 2011when Kurdistanians wanted to support the revolutionary demonstrations in Tunisia and Egypt, tens of causalities were found in the place of the demonstration. They were shot by PDK and they were accused that they attacked the station of PDK. This made people angry with the Government and what they do with people. This was another chance for people to show their disagreement with this power’s 20 years of ruling. It is almost 12th day of demonstrations and it is expanding more and more. Government side has not replied them so far despite attacking, shooting, and kidnapping demonstrators.
We, from CPCI ask you to take quick and effective steps towards opening fires against Kurdish youths and children by Kurdish government. We also kindly ask you to somehow force PUK & KDP to put the murders in trail and stop firing people.

These are names of some victims:
1. Rezhwan Ali
2. Sherzad Taha
3. Swrkew Zahir
4. Bilal Ahmad Abdulla
5. Garmyan Ahmad
6. Sarkar “Policeman – Halabja”

Children Protection Center In Iraq

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